Department of Labor and Social Relations

Head of the department: Sajganov Anatolij Semenovich, Doctor of Economics, professor


tel.: +375 (17) 398 52 63


Sector of Social Rural Development


This sector develops scientific principles and the means of intensified stimulation of productive and effective labour in agriculture; the system of suggestions and ways of efficiency growth in utilization of labour resources.  It controls the development of forming and functioning trends of rural social infrastructure in market environment.


Head of the sector: Antonenko Mihail Nikolaevich, Candidate of Economics, associate professor

 tel.: +375 (17) 212-19-05


Labour Market Sector


Head of the sector: Pashkevich Olga Aleksandrovna, Candidate of Economics, associate professor

tel.: +375 (17) 212-00-16

Sector of Small Forms Management and Land Relations


This sector is involved in the development of land relations, scientific bases of land cadastre, methologies of economic land assessment and productive land usage.


Heard of the sector: Zaprudskaya Tatjana Anatoljevna, Candidate of Economics, associate professor

tel.: +375 (17)  398 10 31