Department of Agroindustrial branches economy


Head of the department, professor: Kireenko Natalya Vladimirovna, Doctor of Economics, associate professor

 tel.: +375 (17) 212 09 60


Sector of Agroindustrial Complex Planning


This sector is involved in the development of economic analysis methodology and market agricultural planning; the substantiation of industrial, resource and cost standards for effective competitive conduct and growth of agriculture.




Head of the sector: Brechko Yaroslav Nikolaevich


tel.: +375 (17) 398-10-30



Sector of Agriculture


Its activity includes the research and substantiation of economic efficient usage of production potential of agricultural branches, the areas of their intensification, the optimization of production pattern.




Head of the sector: Gorbatovski Aliaksandr Viktorovich


tel.: +375 (17) 212-14-01


Sector of Economy of Processing Industry


This sector is involved into the implementation of integrated economic assessment of the innovative, productive, marketing activity of an enterprise and manufactures including the development of appropriate academic and research recommendations (sales effectiveness, quality, range of end products). Its activity is devoted to the analysis and development of improvement mechanism in supply chain structure (agriculture – processing - trade) in the context of innovative development of processing industry and reinforcement of national productive competitiveness.




Head of the sector: Kondratenko Svetlana Alexsandrovna, Candidate of Economics, associate professor


tel.: +375 (17) 212 15 20