Department of economic regulation

Its field of activity includes the development of effective regulation mechanisms in Agro-industry with the help of economic methods.


Head of the department: Shpak Alexander Petrovich, Doctor of Economics, professor

tel.: +375 (17) 398 59 34



Sector of Investment and Innovations

This sector controls the development of regulation mechanisms of investment processes in agrarian sector, the identification of investments priority areas, the explanation of investments, sources, the forms and methods of finances in investment activity, the perfection of business accounting and agricultural records in conditions of market relations evolution, the assessment of dynamics and optimization methods development of production costs.


Head of the sector: Chabatul Vitalij Vladimirovich, Candidate of Economics, associate professor

tel.: +375 (17) 398 10 29



Finances Sector


This sector is involved in the improvement of interrelations between agricultural enterprises and state budget, the substantiation of effective finances system, the taxation, crediting and insurance in Agro-industry.


Head of the sector: Kazakevich Irina Alexandrovna, Candidate of Economics, associate professor

tel.: +375 (17) 212-11-03


Sector of price management


This sector deals with the development of effective pricing mechanism of agricultural production control; the research and assessment of pricing relationship in the sphere of Agroindustrial Complex and agrarian market; the identification of rational government control and guarantees to agricultural commodity producers; The pricing monitoring of world, European and internal market of agricultural raw materials and products.


Head of the sector: Lazarevich Iryna Mihajlovna

tel.: +375 (17) 212-01-16