Market department

Development of theoretical and methodological bases, recommendations and offers on the following problems:

formation and functioning of the agricultural production market,  the raw materials and food balanced on supply and demand;

organizational and economic mechanism of ensuring food security mainly on the basis of own production of raw materials and the food taking into account export orientation of Agroindustrial complex and sustainable social and economic development;

food security monitoring; production efficiency increase and competitiveness of agricultural production on the basis of sustainable innovative development of branches and forecasting development of the grocery markets focused on export;

formations of the effective organizational and economic mechanism of the quality and safety of agricultural production including questions of technological standard and information of legal quality support, the state and corporate regulation by means of  motivation and control method of safety of agricultural production;

creation of the developed system of the regional food markets, optimization of channels and structure of sale;

improvement of foreign economic activity of Belarus in the sphere of Agroindustrial complex in the conditions of globalization and liberalization of world economy;

trade development  in agricultural raw materials and food taking into account international (WTO) and regional integration (CIS,  EEU, the Union of Belarus and Russia).


Head of the department: Pilipuk Andrei Vladimirovich, Candidate of Economics, associate professor

 tel.: +375 17 212 09 60


Food Security Sector


It is involved into the development of theoretical and methodological bases of guaranteeing business mechanism of Food Security; the enhancement productivity and competitiveness of agricultural products based on innovative progress of branches; the creation of extensive network of regional food markets; the optimization of sales channels and pattern; the forecasting activity concerned the development of Agroindustrial Complex and food market; the monitoring holding of national and regional Food Security.


Head of the sector: Gusakov Gordej Vladimirovich, Candidate of Economics, associate professor

tel.: +375 17 212 15 30


Sector of Foreign Economic Relations


This sector goes in for the research of theoretical and methodological development of agricultural foreign economic relations, upcoming trends of efficiency improvement in Belorussian Foreign Agricultural Trade.


Head of the sector: Bajgot Lidiya Nikolaevna, Candidate of Economics, associate professor

tel.: +375 (17) 212-19-06


Quality Sector


This sector deals with the forming problems of effective quality management in Agroindustrial Complex which includes questions of technological, regulatory  and informative legal quality assurance; state and corporative quality control by the instrumentality of motivation methods and safety control production.


Head of the sector: Rastorguev Petr Vladislavovich, Candidate of Economics, associate professor

tel.: +375 (17) 398-24-94