Department of agrarian business organization


Head of the department: Zapolskij Mihail Ivanovich, Doctor of Economics, professor

tel.: +375 (17) 212 09 60


Sector of Property Relations and Privatization


The economic monitoring of the privatization processes in Agroindustrial Complex, the development of the suggestions for improving the privatization mechanisms of property complexes of enterprises are included in the sector’s activity lines.


Head of the sector: Bychkov Nikolaj Alexandrovich, Candidate of Economics, associate professor

tel.: +375 (17) 212-21-00

Sector of Management


This sector grounds and adopts effective business models in the context of reforming of traditional large-size manufacturing agricultural enterprises and forming of mixed market economy.


Head of the sector: Takun Anatolij Petrovich, Candidate of Economics, associate professor

tel.: +375 (17) 398-39-52


Sector of Cooperation


This sector is involved in the development of effective organization of schemes and models and functioning of cooperative-integration forms in Agroindustrial Complex; academic and research recommendations on interaction of industrial structures at all levels of management.


Head of the sector: Gusakov Egor Vladimirovich, Candidate of Economics

tel.: +375 17 212 01 05