Scientific activity

The Republican Scientific Unitary Enterprise “The Institute of System Research in Agroindustrial Complex” is one of the leading academic institutions dealing with the questions of agrarian economy. According to the Institute regulations, approved with the Presidium’s decree of the NASB (from 20.06.08 % 332), the general responses of its activity are:

  • the development of new effective organizational-productive forms and the improvement of active management structures in Agroindustrial complex;
  • the research and development of foundation and functioning mechanisms of balanced market products;
  • the development and perfection of National food security mechanisms;
  • the research of factors and development of suggestions concerning complex sustainable development of rural areas;
  • the development of effective control mechanism at agrarian market and in agrarian productive-economic relations;
  • the development of methodological bases of enterprises and agricultural branches; the creation and usage of agricultural automated data bank for agriculture; the generalization of statistical materials; the preparation of academic-research and statistical information for wide usage;
  • the holding of fundamental and applied investigations in the sphere of fixed scientific fields;
  • the project development of normative legal acts; the agricultural examination of the usage of legal regulation;
  • the realization of foreign economic policy according to the established procedure; the organization of joint operations with foreign institutions and organizations;
  • the training of scientific manpower who have excellent qualification through postgraduate course, doctoral training
  • the promotion of researches and technologies; the realization of publishing and printing activities according to the law; the publishing and distribution of scientific and technical journals and informative-reference bulletins, the materials based on the results of research-and-development activities ; methodical and reference documents in the sphere of agrarian economy;
  • the handling of marketing and advertising work. The Institute attends and organizes international republican conferences, meeting, symposiums, agricultural exhibitions and fairs.