3. Scientific principles of development regulation of Agroindustrial Complex: offers and realization mechanisms

The main researches results on State Scientific and Technical Program “Agropromkompleks-2020” of the sub-programme «Agropromkompleks – effectiveness and quality» in 2018 are presented. The economic, methodical and scientific recommendations, mechanisms, models and offers which realization is directed to stability and efficiency increase of functioning of Agroindustrial Complex of the Republic of Belarus in the conditions of technological and innovative development. are the development basis.

The research results are discussed and approved at the meeting of scientific council of the Institute of System Researches in Agroindustrial Complex of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and accepted by the interdepartmental commission on acceptanceof implementation results of the state scientific and technical program appointed by the order of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus of December 5, 2018 № 193.

The edition is intended for control experts of Agroindustrial Complex, research assistants, postgraduate students, teachers and students of agroeconomic specialities.


Editorial board:

V.G. Gusakov (editor-in-chief), A.P. Shpak (deputy editor-in-chief), A.S. Sayganov, N.V. Kireenko, M.N. Antonenko, N.A. Bychkov, I.A. Voytko, P.V. Rastorguev, N.I. Solovtsov, T.L. Savchenko