The Consortium «Eurasian Agricultural Technological Platform» (EATP)

The Consortium «Eurasian Agricultural Technological Platform» (EATP) was set up on June 1st in 2016. The scientific organizations of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia were its founders.

In the capacity of the main objectives of platform creation are declared: accumulation of advanced national and world achievements, scientific potential mobilization for the joint solution of applied tasks in agricultural industry of EEU, development and deployment of innovative products in the enterprises of Agroindustrial Complex of the participating countries.

The activity of Eurasian Agricultural Technological Platform is carried out on the following industries of Agroindustrial Complex and directions:

1. Cattle breeding;

2. Plant-growing and agriculture;

3. Veterinary medicine;

4. Agricultural processing;

5. Agricultural engineering industry;

6. Agricultural economy;

7. Transfer of innovative technologies, development of small business;

8. Training and proforientational work with school students.

As in September 2016, the Eurasian Agricultural Technological Platform is registered. Its statement is expected on the meeting of Ministers Council of EEU among the other 9 TPs.

On October 26-28thin 2016, the Eurasian week will be spent in Skolkovo, EATP will be provided on two Round Tables (Department of Agroindustrial Policy and Department of Industry). The academicians G.A. Kaliyev and I.G. Ushachev who were invited to be the speakers on the platform gave prior consent to present EATP.

On November 3rd the Department of Industry plans to collect in Moscow ECE of representatives of all platforms for the solution of organizational issues on financing sources and forms, terms of programs and projects submission, contacts with the ministries, funds and other questions that are important for us.

According to the Agreement on Creation of EATP that is signed by the parties the State Enterprise «The Institute of System Researches in Agroindustrial Complex of NAS of Belarus» is the national coordinator from the Republic of Belarus and accepts requests about accession to Consortium and preliminary applications for participation in tender on Research and Development work projects.

The accession to the Consortium is fixed by the declarative principle. We ask to send a packet of documents with the signed Request from the organizations about the introduction to the address of the  Institute (220108, Minsk, Kazints St., 103) marked «The request in EATP».

1. The request about the accession to the Consortium «EATP».

2. Preliminary application for participation in tender of Research and Development work projects.

The coordinator from the Institute: Pilipuk Andrey Vladimirovich, Candidate of Economics, Head of Sector of Economy of Processing Industry, tel.: +375 (17) 398-63-99.