The Institute of System Researches in Agroindustrial Complex of NAS of Belarus

Areas of activity include:

  • the monitoring of economic processes and the development of effective arrangements and mechanisms connected with the improvement of economic relations in agriculture, its faster restructuring and sustainable development;
  • the development of new effective organizational-productive forms and the improvement  of active management structures in Agroindustrial Complex;
  • the research and development of foundation and functioning mechanisms of balanced market products;
  • the development and perfection of National food security mechanisms;
  • the research of factors and  development of models on complex sustainable development of rural regions;
  • the development of effective control mechanism at agrarian market and in agrarian productive-economic relations;
  • the research of theoretical and methodological aspects of the problem of higher product competitiveness;
  • the bases development of methodological informatization of enterprises and agricultural sectors; the creation and use organization of automated data bank  on agriculture; the generalization of statistical materials; the preparation of the scientific-practical information;
  • the scientific manpower training of top skills through postgraduate course, doctoral training and application;
  • the advocacy of scientific and technical developments, manufacturing application of more effective results; marketing and advertising of made production;
  • the organization of the international and republican conferences, meetings, symposiums in the field of agricultural provision.